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EB-144 / RK2M


Model EB-144 / RK2M
Frequency Range 144 To 148 MHz
Gain 5.5 dBic, Typical
Usable Range 135 To 150 MHz
Feed Impedance 50 Ohms
Max VSWR 1.2:1, 144-148 MHz
    Input Connector SO-239
    Mast Size 1-1/2" to 2"
    Weight / Ship Wt 4 Lbs. / 5 Lbs.


The EB-144 EGGBEATER offers exciting new performance characteristics for both fixed and mobile operations. The EGGBEATER produces smooth omnidirectional HORIZONTAL polarity at the horizon. Above the horizon, the pattern transforms to RIGHT HAND CIRCULAR, making it a natural for OSCAR satellite use. By spacing the EGGBEATER 1/8 wave above a metal surface or adding the RK-2M Reflector kit, now standard, for base installations, the circular lobe increases by 6 dB, producing a hemispherical pattern. No rotation or steering is required. For terrestrial mobile, base, net control, contest or field day operation, increasing the distance above ground or over a metallic surface improves the horizontal radiation by 6 dB. This produces instantaneous communications in all directions. Hams with little room or budget for larger antennas will experience a new standard of performance with the EB-144.**Subtract 2.14 from dBi for dBd**(081611/00)


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