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S2 EME Sequencer


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         The S2 Sequencers’ primary application is for VHF/UHF transverter, amplifier and antenna switching. But it can be used in any amplifier antenna scheme. An enable signal to the sequencer will produce sequential output commands to a RX relay, a TR relay, an amplifier and a transverter automatically, plus a polarity change lockout. If you have ever blown up your new GasFET preamp or hard-to-find coaxial relay, or are just plain worried about It, this transmit / receive Time Delay Generator/Sequencer is the answer.

In stations using transverters, extra power amplifiers and external antenna mounted TR relays, several problems may arise. When the exciter is switched into transmit by the PTT or VOX line, it immediately puts out a ground (or in some cases a positive voltage) command for relay control and RF signal. If a control signal is supplied to the transverter,     amplifier and antenna relays simultaneously, RF can be applied as the relay contacts bounce. In most cases, RF will be applied before a relay can make full closer. This can easily arc contacts on DC and RF relays and cause permanent damage. In addition, if the TR relay is not fully closed before RF from the power amplifier is applied, excessive RF may leak into the receive side of the relay. The likely result...preamplifier failure. The TR (Transmit/Receive) time-delay     generator supplies commands, one after another, going into transmit and going back to receive from transmit, to turn on all station relays in the right order, eliminating the problems just described.

M2 Inc. has looked at many sequencer concepts and has determined the biggest switch (During Transmit) security. We have integrated a security relay into the sequencer that DISABLES the front panel vertical / horizontal polarization switch when the sequencer is keyed. This security relay will save costly repairs or replacements to your high quality RF power relays



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