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6 Meter (50 MHz)

Truthfully most of our 6M antennas are designed for the performance driven user. You will find reading the specs, that most don’t show 51 to 54 mhz as part fo the “usuable frequency range”.  Our antennas are optimized for maximum performance at the bottom of the band where most DXers congregate.

Why operate 6M?  6M features just about every propagation mode known to man!  You will hear terms like Transequatorial propagation (TEP), E skip (Es), F2, chordal hops, Es linking to F2 etc. Meteor scatter (MS) propagation on 6M can be really fun and sometimes links up with E skip. Sometimes the propagation follows the grey line just like 80M Dx. There are no end of possibilities and new modes are still being discovered.  Interested?  Read on.

 So what do M2 6M antennas do in the 50.0 to 50.8 MHz region. They ROCK! If you are just thinking you’d like to try 6M to see if you like it, we have the 6M3SS. SS stands for Starter Series and we have one or two for each band. They are small by our standards but still a reasonable performer along with being economical.  We know most who try 6M get hooked but a cautious entry is always OK with us.  

If a Yagi just wont fit your budget or yard, or you can only do mobile, then have a look at our 6M HO loop (Horizontal omni). We make them for 2M, 222 and 432 as well and many guys stack them.  Using omnis you will get to know the band, experiencing E skip mostly in the summer from May to September and other propagation modes throughout the year and solar cycle.  Some folks use the 6m HO loop for a spotter antenna “cuz you never know where the band will open next”.  Adding a 6M HO loop (or a stack) is a great compliment to our high performance, narrow beam width yagis.  A quick switch to the HO loo(s) saves wear on the rotor.

Our 6M5 series and up through the 6M7JHV Yagis are small to medium in size but big on performance. The 6M7JHV was originally designed as a lightweight EME antenna, but it is a solid performer on terrestrial propagation also.  For our customers with more severe weather, we offer the 6M7JHVHD. 

SIDE NOTE: you may notice the model numbers of some of our antennas have weird letters at the end. Those “weird letters” are ends of call signs of famous 6M hams, who inspired M2 to design a Yagi to their liking. N5JHV (sk), K9KHW and W6JKV each inspired us to “make them a Yagi” and it turns out, many thousands of you also like their “favorite” as well.

 Now on to the “biggies”.  W7GJ needed a BIG Yagi in a short package for his successful 6M Dxpedtions so the 6M8GJ was created. Lance has made countless moonbounce contacts from rare places and at home as well with just a single 6M8GJ.  Ask Lance how the “GJ” works!  The 6M9KHW was our first BIG 6M Yagi to be UPSable. Ray Grenier with Amateur Electronic Stores (AES), before retiring, suggested that truck freight costs were killing sales of our BIG yagis. So we made a Killer on a 49 foot boom for Ray and all the rest of you 6M buffs. OH2BC, W7GJ, W1JJ, and K6MYC each have four up for EME to mention just a few.  You can hear them on the air during band openings also.

The Big Daddy is the 6M11JKV.  W6JKV, the worlds most famous 6M DXpeditioner, has put well over 55 new countries on the air for the first time.  Jimmy wanted to put a BIG EME array up at his Texas home. So the 6M11JKV on its 70 foot boom was born!  Imagine the signal that four 70 foot long yagis can produce.

Now are you ready to own an M2 6M antenna?