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M2 Antenna Systems, Inc,  provides many types of Azimuth & Elevation Positioners for multiple uses. The AE1000 Series pedestals have the ability to adapt to many different types of antenna configurations. With Dish Mounts and counter balance options or with through the center construction for Phased Arrays, the AE1000 Series can be adapted to fit your requirements. Dual worm gear drive train with adjustments, provide smooth powerful movement with less than 0.03 degrees of system backlash. Physical limit switches on each axis can be adjusted for any spectrum of use. Rack-Mount controller packages include the RC2800PRKX2SU and RC2800PRKX3SU. Control of all features such as ramp up or ramp down, speed control, limit switches for reference return and reverse delay can all be adjusted to maximize the performance of your system. Custom designs can be configured for your Dish Feed and or Dish including feed attachment arms, or we can supply our custom built Dish Feeds for L-Band, S-Band, X-Band and higher custom frequency ranges. For small phased arrays, we can provide complete Turnkey Systems including cross booms, vertical risers and complete Linear, Circular or Helical systems to meet your requirements. For a complete reference of our ever expanding product line, click here.