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HF Survivor Series


We offer all our standard designs as SURVIVORS. As the name implies, when you live in a place you love but the weather conditions don’t love your favorite antennas, or you are just about to put up you antenna system for the last time and you and the wife just don’t want to sweat dragging antenna parts out of a neighbors backyard, we have the answer. The survivor series has been engineered to withstand that 125 MPH gail and not only that, weird vibrations and other tricks of nature fail to have much effect at all. Now you can sleep at night through that ripping windstorm, knowing you can still make that 6:00 am sked with your buddies on the east coast.

Performance, of course remains at a peak as no electrical compromises have been allowed in these ruggedized designs. In fact, sometimes, due to larger tubing diameters required for the added strength and reliability, gain and front to back are enhanced. Occasionally in the conversion on Yagis in particular, as the new diameters are inputted in the computer program, our designer finds part of a dB that might have been overlooked or just ignored for some other parameter in the original design. Because these SURVIVORS are usually “build to order” antennas, front to back or match can be optimized for the discriminating customer. Sometimes you might get a bit more than you paid or expected with your SURVIVOR!