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HF Monobander

M2 Antenna system has been building quality HF monoband and amateur antennas for over 25 years. In fact Mike Staal (K6MYC), the founder of M2, was also one of the cofounders of KLM Electronics. So in reality Mike Staal has spent the last 38 years dedicated to antenna design. Many of the M2 HF monobanders where spawned from some of the legendary old KLM antennas. Obviously the RF designs have been enhanced with the help of computer aided modeling techniques. Not to mention the mechanical upgrades that have become possible with the use of solid aluminum Billet parts and CNC machining techniques. Countless hours have been spent computer modeling, building and testing each and all of our HF monoband antennas to insure outstanding performance quality. Where applicable many of the momobanders have multiple tuning dimensions for specific spots inside the band to fit the customer individual needs. M2 antennas are meticulously documented from the RF design to production processes, finishing up with the mechanical assembly process insure a quality customer experience. From 80M all the way to 10M, you are sure to find quality and performance in every M2 antenna.