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M2 product philosophy is centered on performance. We design and manufacture our products using computers, optimized both for antenna performance and for mechanical longevity. Materials are carefully selected to provide high performance and maximum efficiency as well as long term durability. For mechanical design we’re using a program called Solidworks. Every part of a product can be and is usually completely rendered to one thousandth of and inch and then virtually assembled on the computer screen. Physical crashes as well as stress tests are all accomplished before the first hole is drilled in our CNC machines.

For antenna design we use several analysis and optimizations programs. For Yagis we use Yagi Optimizer, Commercial (YOC). The optimization algorithms are spectacular but still allows the designer great opportunity to zero in on VSWR and gain bandwidth as well as pattern control. Resulting gain can be shown with or without mismatch loss. Antenna Optimizer, Professional (AOP) is another valuable design program, as it does the best with linear loaded elements and parallel wires. Our KT34M2 and the KT36XA tribanders only model accurately using AOP for example. NEC4 is used for intricate modeling where terrain and many other factors must be analyzed. Field strength, both near and far field can be analyzed and documented and the outputs are in a form required by the FCC and other agencies.

Putting this all in perspective, our products reflect sound electrical and mechanical design because of the programs we employ, and vast field experience we bring. From our monoband Yagis to our log periodic and multiband antennas, our goal is to provide the best antenna performance possible AND to maintain that performance for years and years, stopping Mother Nature in her tracks.