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Vehicle construction and materials are evolving. M2 is changing with the times to provide products that meet amateurs needs. BIG FOOT is a perfect example. Vehicle roofs are becoming thinner and thinner providing less and less steel for use with magnetic bases. We have come up with the ‘BIG FOOT configuration to adapt to these conditions. The aluminum bars forming the base of BIG FOOT are flexible and long (22” center to center). The flexibility acts like a spring and greatly reduces the instantaneous stress on the magnets. The extended length spreads the load over a much wider area of the vehicle roof surface. We have also added an extra magnet to even out the holding power in all directions. Large, 5 inch diameter magnets are used again to help spread the wind and shock load of the antenna over a greater area. All these changes provide a very effective “shock absorber”, minimizing the chances that the BIG FOOT will ever come loose from the motion or speed of the vehicle.


BIG FOOT supports all of the above combinations but we know there are other types of antennas that need the BIG FOOT holding power. HF single and multiband antennas always perform better from the roof of a car than the bumper. The optional base insulator kit (Coming Soon!) allows base feeding and the four large magnets provide a superb coupling to the groundplane of the vehicle. Other uses might be to support EGGBEATERS for terrestrial and OSCAR use or specialized “T” hunt antennas. Of course, putting your own creation or some competitive antenna on our BIG FOOT would shock us but we would probably get over it! We know you’ll find some unique uses that we would never think of. Surprise us!


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