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HF Antennas


M2 does not build “me too” antennas. Our monband Yagis are on the top of everyone’s “want list”. and for good reason. The big signals on the bands are usually using M2 antennas. Amateurs and CBer’s alike soon figure out who is the loudest and who is racking up the DX in the pileup first.

Our design team, has been making spectacular performers for well over 40 years. We offer a wide range of performance features like gain and front to back as well as wide and narrow band designs to choose from. To us each antenna design is a challenge and we thrive on challenges. Each antenna design becomes a labor of love and usually at least one is put on the air at our home locations only to be replaced when the next design beckons to be put up and tried with in the pileups or just for band closing rag chews. The pleasure a great performing antenna brings is difficult to describe, but we hear from many of our users in the form of great pictures and stories!

Most of our antennas are designed for winds of 100 miles per hour. But high wind survival is not the whole story. Even low to medium speed wind can be damaging to any antenna. Vibrations set off by both antenna and tower structure can join forces to cause failures to any antenna. At M2, we understand and have seen what various weather conditions can do. We have antennas up in every conceivable part of the world and we continually thank our users for their valuable feedback. This experience give M2 products a huge edge on competing designs. In every design process we draw on these past experiences to build our products to handle radical weather. Each of the HF monoband Yagis we produce from the 80M3 to the 10M7DX is built to keep you on the air longer and happier. You have our word on it!