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KT Tri-Band Assembly Q & A

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Have you purchased a new M2 or KLM triband upgrade? Below are some common questions and answers to the assembly or refurbishment of these solid performing antennas.


QUESTION: When measuring tube or shorting bar position, “where do I measure from, inside to inside or outside to outside?

ANSWER: Refer to your individual element dimension sheet. It is much easier to determine witch side of the tube or shorting bar to reference. Note: M2 has used to two inner shorting bars as points to hook your tape measure onto for ease of measuring, so generally hook your tape measure on to a inner shorting bar and measure to the inner edge of the outer shorting bar or to the end of a tube. 

QUESTION: Is the gap between the capacitor caps critical?

ANSWER: No, the gap can be 1/8”-1/2”. The reason for the gap is to prevent water from sitting in a location where water could over time “wick” into the capacitor tubes. Water in the capacitor tube can change the capacitance witch can change the tuning of the antenna.

KT36XA Half Element Reference


QUESTION: If I end up with some unacceptable VSWR on one or more bands can I adjust it out with the “T” match?

ANSWER: No, In fact this is not a true “T” match. We found in the early stage of the original design that only a small amount of VSWR improvement occurred when we adjust the “T” match. Just set it to the dimension sheet and forget it. Other factors are causing your VSWR problems. Recheck your dimensions.

QUESTION: I have a good, but not perfect VSWR, Will it help to replace the balun?

ANSWER: Probably not. If your balun is broken inside your match will be poor ( up to 4:1) on all bands. Save your money, recheck your dimensions.

QUESTION: How can I be sure I have the capacitor caps on the tube all the way?

ANSWER: The capacitor caps over lap the tubes by 3/8” (.375) so when both caps are fully engaged with the tube the dimension from the inside of each cap should be 3/4”(.750) less than the capacitor tube being measured.

QUESTION: I am doing a upgrade to my KLM Tribander. Do I need to replace the capacitor tubes?

ANSWER: If you are purchasing the UPGRADE KIT, KT34XA to KT36XA the capacitor tubes are provided with the kit.  However if you are purchasing the UPGRADE KIT, KT34(A) TO KT34M2 they are not included.  You will want to check your existing tubes to see if they can be cleaned up.  However if they are damaged or not able to be refurbished you will need to contact us us for the cost of replacing them.

QUESTION: If I am having a problem on a specific band of my tribander what part of the antenna element do I look at?

ANSWER: You will want to follow the path on each half element. Please see the image below for reference.

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