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"I have an idea for an antenna - can you build it?" Such questions are often asked of us, and in most cases, the answer is "yes." Many customers, commercial and amateur, request custom antenna systems and products all the time. Many want to know if it is expensive. It doesn't always have to be so. Many off-the-shelf products can be adapted to custom requirements. Even well thought out, custom ideas can sometime be built with far less cost than would be seen by someone setting up their own design and testing facility. Generally, small changes do not add much to the overall cost of the custom product. Most additional costs cover the cost of engineering and documentation - updating or creating drawing for the machinists and technicians, and user manuals. Sometimes, the engineering fee includes assembly and testing of the product to ensure that it meets specifications. In the long run, the savings in your time is well worth the price to have it done by us. Contact us today with your custom design!

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