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M2 Driven Element Schematic & Trouble Shooting

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Ever wondered how to check your Driven Element!

Check out the steps below to find out how!

Driven ELement Schematic

To check internal driven element block connections, remove balun, shorting bars, and feed coax/ phasing line.

Test Steps:

1.Continuity: between block & all connector Bodies.

2.Continuity: between N-connector center pin to one of the F-connector center pins and to the T-match rod on the same side.

3.Continuity: between the opposite F-connector center pin to the T-match rod on the same side.

4.No Continuity: between the two F-connector center pins.

5.No Continuity: between all center conductors & block / connector bodies.

6.Test balun cable connectors. There should be continuity from shield to shield, center wire to center wire and no continuity from the center wire to shield.

Continuity Defined:

  • No Continuity= This means that the resistance shown on your meter when testing is over 1 meg ohms.
  • Continuity = This means you should have 0.0 (0.1 ohm tolerance) or the same reading you get when shorting your meter leads.

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