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Will the OR2800 fit in my tower?

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We frequently receive inquiries if our OR2800PX, AZIMUTH MOTOR rotor will fit in Brand-X tower. The manual lists a few towers that have no issues. Here are a couple more:

1. A round plate model will fit inside Rohn 25G, but the mast clamp bolts need to be cut down or the diagonal braces bowed out slightly to clear the bolts when rotating. This is for mounting inside a “straight” section. Installation is challenging, but it will fit and rotate. (M2 report)

2. Hygain HG-52SS: A round plate model fits. (TNX W2YR). It looks like an oval plate model might fit also. (M2)

If you know of any towers that have no issues and not listed below, or even ones that will not work, please let us know by either calling us at (559) 432-8873 or send us an email to

The following is documented in the OR2800PX Manual; Standard Ham M etc. 3” x 3” bolt pattern +2 extra holes (OR2800PX Hole Pattern). Fits inside towers like Rohn 25G & up, Triex LM-354 & up U.S.Towers TX438 & up.

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